With a deep-rooted passion for performing arts, particularly Kathak, I found myself drawn to the illustrious training of the renowned Maestro of Kathak, Padma Vibhushan Pandit Birju Maharaj and Vidushi Saswati Sen.

As I embarked on this artistic journey, I swiftly recognized the intricate connection between art and society. Motivated by this realization, I made a firm decision to use my performances as a means to raise awareness and promote understanding within society. My profound adoration for Indian Art and Culture has propelled me to tirelessly dedicate myself towards a significant objective aimed at creating a positive impact.

I have been fortunate to actively engage with the people in my vicinity and state, enlightening them about the indispensable significance of art, literature, and culture in our lives.Through individualized efforts, I have diligently worked towards ensuring their comprehension and absorption of the fundamental roots and essence of human existence. My earnest endeavor has been to elucidate the authentic meaning of being a human being and embracing the qualities inherent to humanity.

Art, literature, and culture are three extraordinary phenomena that imbue individuals with the qualities that define our humanness. In pursuit of this mission, I have organized enlightening sessions that explicate the entire process of personal development through the mediums of art, literature.